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How to participate in an NKD endorsement vote

You must be an NKD member (paid your dues & attended 2 meetings or events in the last 12 months) to vote to endorse a candidate. You may pay dues here. Get in touch if you have questions about your status!

If you’re a member in good standing but are unable to attend the meeting, you may vote by proxy – here’s how:

  • You may ask someone who will be attending the meeting to serve as your proxy
  • A meeting attendee is only permitted to serve as a proxy for one member
  • In order to cast a vote as someone’s proxy, when you arrive at the meeting, you must show the folks staffing the ballot table written verification of that member’s consenting to you serving as their proxy. Such verification may be handwritten or in the form of a text message or email. It must be time-stamped before 7 PM on Thursday, November 7
  • Upon presenting your verification, you will be provided with an additional ballot, which you must fill out according to the wishes of the person for whom you're serving as a proxy
  • Need help finding a proxy? Email politics@newkingsdemocrats.com and we'll help.

2019 Judicial Elections

In 2019, New Kings Democrats solicited questionnaires from all candidates running for elected judgeships in Brooklyn’s Democratic primary. Here, you can find copies of the questionnaires from the candidates who chose to participate in the process, as well as a voter guide we created to raise awareness about the candidates and the positions they are running for in a social media-friendly way.

Check out the Voter Guide (& feel free to share it!)

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