About New Kings Democrats

New Kings Democrats is a progressive, grassroots political organization committed to bringing trans­parency, accountability, and inclusionary democracy to the Kings County Democratic Party. Founded by veterans of the Obama campaign, NKD serves as a training ground for individuals seeking to become more engaged in local politics, and hopes to nurture a new generation of elected Brooklyn Democratic leaders.

NKD connects Brooklynites from across the borough seeking to transform local politics. From activ­ists for social and environmental justice, to advocates for affordable housing and alternative transpor­tation, to leaders in the struggle for immigrants’ rights and civil rights, NKD is building a progressive Brooklyn alliance. NKD facilitates opportunities for disparate organizations to leverage their own po­litical power to achieve their objectives and to effect change across the borough.

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    I need to send an urgent press request to New Kings Democrats. How can I do this?

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