An endorsement from NKD is more than a stamp of approval: it is a commitment of time, resources, and mutual support. As such, New Kings Democrats takes our endorsements very seriously, and we have defined a process that all candidates go through, especially those without a prior relationship to the club. If you are a candidate or work on a campaign, we recommend you read below before getting in touch to familiarize yourself with the process.

  • We encourage all candidates who are interested in our endorsement to get in touch with NKD’s Executive Committee at info@newkingsdemocrats.com. It is never too soon, and we want to know who is interested in our endorsement!

  • Meet with the Executive Committee. If the race and candidate may be of interest or relevance to our general membership, the ExCo will dispatch a few members to meet with the candidate and learn more about them, their main issues, their district, and the race. We also like to get a sense of what support the candidate needs, and what added value NKD can provide to their campaign. However, we cannot guarantee that we can meet with every candidate in every race. NKD prioritizes candidates who proactively reach out to us.

  • Stop by a meeting! Before formally seeking the club’s endorsement, we recommend you attend a meeting as a member or visitor to learn more about the club. Please get in touch first if you would like to address the membership, so we can confirm there is space in the agenda.

Following the vetting of interested candidates, NKD’s Executive Committee decides whether it makes sense to put a candidate or a race up for an endorsement vote. If we decide it does, then we invite the candidates to an endorsement meeting. NKD aims to invite every candidate in a race, even those that were not vetted, but cannot guarantee every candidate will attend. Sometimes, we will have one endorsement meeting for the year, where multiple candidates and multiple races are considered; in other years the Executive Committee may decide to hold multiple votes, as needed.

All candidates confirmed to attend the meeting are asked to fill out a candidate questionnaire in advance. At the membership meeting, all members receive a copy of the questionnaire(s). Each candidate is given an opportunity to speak to the membership of the club, and the club has an opportunity to ask questions of the candidate. Following a discussion among the club membership, a vote is taken and the outcome is announced. For more information on NKD’s voting procedures, please see our bylaws.

We encourage candidates and their staff to get in touch at any point, even before a campaign is announced!


NKD’s Executive Committee reserves the right to change these procedures without notice, and in accordance with our bylaws.

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