Endorsement Process

A New Kings Democrats (NKD) endorsement is more than a stamp of approval: it is a commitment of time, resources, and mutual support.

To receive an endorsement, our membership must be confident that you share our values of accountability, transparency, and inclusive democracy, while also aligning with our policy platform.

NKD will not endorse in every race, but we invite all Brooklyn, NYC-wide, and NYS-wide candidates to reach out.

Interested in our endorsement? Follow the steps below:

  1. Reach out. Email NKD’s Executive Committee at info@newkingsdemocrats.com with some background about yourself and the office you’re interested in. Matt Stern, our VP of Political Affairs, will reach out to schedule a call or meeting with you about your candidacy. These meetings will usually involve two or more members of our Executive Committee and/or Political Affairs Committee.
  2. Fill out a questionnaire (click to download, or see below). This will let us know a little more about your campaign, where you stand on the issues important to us, and what you’d like to accomplish as an elected official. Completed questionnaires will be public documents available on our website, so put your best foot forward. If we ultimately hold an endorsement vote in your race, your questionnaire will be circulated to our membership before the vote as well.
  3. Attend a meeting. We encourage candidates to get to know us by coming to a meeting. Speaking time is reserved for scheduled endorsement meetings, however.

After meeting with and hearing from candidates, NKD’s Political Affairs Committee will make recommendations to the Executive Committee on the races for which we should hold endorsement votes. Though we will not hold endorsement votes in every race, we encourage candidates to keep in touch to build long-term relationships with our club.

At endorsement meetings, we distribute candidate questionnaires, invite all candidates to address our membership, and offer candidates the opportunity to answer questions from our members. Then, candidates step outside as our club discusses the race, holds a vote, and tallies the numbers. Final results are announced before the end of the meeting.

After endorsements, our club will reach out to coordinate support, including volunteers, for the selected candidates or their campaigns.


NKD’s Executive Committee reserves the right to change these procedures without notice, and in accordance with our bylaws.



Candidates, download the questionnaire here 

2017 City Council Candidate Questionnaire

(District Attorney & Mayoral Candidate Questionnaires coming soon!)

  1. Name
  2. Council District number and neighborhoods represented

  3. How long have you lived in the above district?

  4. Preferred campaign contact information: name, email address, phone number

  5. Why do you want to serve as a member of the NYC Council?

  6. What have you accomplished in public life that you are most proud of?

  7. What are the greatest strengths and struggles of your council district?

  8. Why do you want New Kings Democrats’ endorsement?

  9. If elected, what will your top three legislative and budgetary priorities be while in office?

  10. What is one thing you would do while in office to make New York City government more transparent, accountable, or inclusive?

  11. In what ways would you like to expand voting access, and how can you do this as a member of the NYC Council?

  12. What criminal justice reforms would you like to see the Council implement?

  13. Do you support the Right to Know Act?

  14. Will you be participating in the NYC Matching Funds program?

  15. NKD supports holding a New York State Constitutional Convention. Do you? Why or why not?

  16. What is your vision for the Brooklyn Democratic Party?

  17. What funds have you raised for this campaign? What are the major sources of your campaign funds?

  18. What endorsements have you received from publications, electeds, community leaders, or political organizations?

  19. Of the elected officials in the NYC Council, who do you admire most and why?

  20. What are some of the ways you think New York City residents can best participate in civic life?

  21. What is one fun fact about you?


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