Where is my election district?


Go here to see the whole breakdown of which districts you are in  - Election, Assembly, State Senate, Congress, etc, to not only learn which Election District you are in, but you will also see when your next election is.

How much time will this take?


Not much!

Petitioning will take you perhaps two half-days, depending on how fast you can track down approximately fifty of your neighbors who are registered Democrats.

Once you get on the county committee, your role as a member is as elaborate as you want to be. At minimum, it will require attendance at (very) occasional meetings, perhaps as seldom as once per year. But some people like to use it as an opportunity to organize their neighbors around issues that matter to the community. In that case, the sky's the limit!

Can you help me find a running mate?



If you don't have anyone in mind to run with you, leave that field of the sign-up sheet blank. If we have another solo candidate in your assembly district, we'll pair you up.

As long as I'm collecting signatures, can I also help out a candidate for assembly (or state senate or district leader) that I support?



If you live in an area where NKD has endorsed a candidate, we'll coordinate to make sure you're collecting signatures for yourself AND for that candidate.

If you want to help out a candidate we haven't endorsed, we can try to help put you in touch with that campaign.

Me and my neighbors all want to run. Will we have to run against each other?



Members of the county committee only have to live in the same assembly district as the election district (ED) they represent. We'll coordinate our candidates to be sure there are no unnecessary head-to-head match-ups between our allies.

Ultimately, you (or your neighbors) might end up representing the ED across the street or around the corner from you.

Can I ask something else?


Please do!

Email us at info@newkingsdemocrats.com

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