Policy and Our Platform

New Kings Democrats is a progressive, grassroots political organization committed to bringing transparency, accountability, and inclusionary democracy to the Kings County Democratic Party and the elected officials of our borough. To those ends, we strive as a group to prioritize issues and build policy platforms that shape the conversation around local progressive politics. 

NKD’s Policy Committee is responsible for directing NKD's policy efforts with regards to County Committee and public policy more broadly. The Committee develops platforms that reflect the club’s policy priorities and positions and informs the club’s organizing work.

These issues are identified and thoroughly researched by our Policy Committee, and brought to our general membership for discussion, revision, and approval. 

Please read our platform planks below:

County Committee Reform (adopted January 2020)

Charter Revision Platform (adopted September 2019)

Rent Regulation Platform (adopted May 2019)

County Committee Reform (adopted March 2019)

The Democratic Party's Role in Primary Elections (adopted September 2018)

Voting Rights (adopted September 2015)

Accessibility & Accountability (adopted February 2016)

County Committee Reform (adopted June 2016)

Right To Know Act (adopted September 2016)

Constitutional Convention (adopted September 2016)

Criminal Justice Reform (adopted April 2017)

Vacancy Nomination Process Reform (adopted January 2018)


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