5 District Leader Endorsements!

On January 11, NKD members voted to endorse the following candidates for District Leader:

  • Kristina Naplatarski - Assembly District 50
  • Emile Bazile - Assembly District 50
  • Julio Peña III - Assembly District 51
  • Aciré Polight - Assembly District 54
  • Monae Priolenau - Assembly District 56

There are 42 District Leader seats in Brooklyn, two in each Assembly District, and they are all up for election in June 2022. Winning more of these seats could be our best opportunity to bring accountability and transparency to our local Democratic Party. We're having another meeting next Tuesday, January 18, at 7:00pm where we'll hear from more candidates and vote whether to endorse them.

Register here to join us on Zoom on January 18 and follow @brooklyncantwait on Twitter and Instagram for updates on this campaign. Please consider making a donation here to support Brooklyn Can't Wait, our campaign to elect new District Leaders.

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