District Leader Guidebook

Each Assembly District in Brooklyn is represented by two District Leaders. These 42 District Leaders make most of the decisions governing the Brooklyn Democratic Party. Every District Leader position is up for election in the Democratic primary in June of every even-numbered year. If you have strong relationships with the communities in your district and a vision for how our party should operate, you might make a great District Leader!

New Kings Democrats (NKD) has worked to create a publicly accessible guidebook that provides an overview of the District Leader position in Brooklyn and how to run a successful campaign. We hope the PDF below will provide help Brooklyn residents:

• Understand the purpose and function of a District Leader
• Decide if they're ready to run for a District Leader seat
• Leverage experience presented in this guide to WIN

The scope of this document is limited to guidance about the role of District Leader in Brooklyn, New York, and should not be utilized without reference to other materials. We recommend all candidates consult with an expert in New York election law. The contents of this document should not be construed as legal or official guidance or advice.

Click here to read our guidebook: How To Run For District Leader.

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