Executive Committee

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BW_72.jpgBrandon West is a longtime reformer and policy advocate from the good government world. He has experience directing an election oversight program and working to make government more transparent and responsible from inside and outside City Hall. After spending years analyzing the city's budgeting process in the Mayor's Office and in City Council, Brandon now works in advocating and organizing nationally around voting rights and democracy issues with historically disadvantaged communities. He has been a resident of the Park Slope area since 2009 and, yes, he is a member of the food coop.




VP of Political Affairs

EmilyHoffman.jpgA labor and employment attorney by trade, Emily manages NKD's relationships with elected officials and other clubs and facilitates our candidate recruitment and endorsement efforts. In her free time, she enjoys traveling, doing crossword puzzles, and eating peanut butter straight from the jar. She has lived in Brooklyn since 2010.





VP of Policy

Mariana_Alexander.pngMariana is a budget and policy analyst whose work focuses on New York City’s financial transparency and well-being. Prior to working in the thrilling field of public budgeting, she was a foster care case planner in Jamaica, Queens, and ran a micro-finance program in Uganda. Mariana was born and raised in Brooklyn but unfortunately doesn’t have the accent to prove it.




VP of Organizing

Sage_copy.jpgSage is a non-fiction TV producer most recently on cooking competition shows. She believes Brooklyn should be setting an example of what progressive local government could be and is excited to be organizing with NKD to help it get there. She enjoys the beach in the winter, shade in the summer, and her houseplants.




Director of Membership

BeckySteinberg.jpgBecky spends her days in the private sector, thinking of ways to engage and empower her firm’s employees. She’s thrilled to work closer with the community and help foster a more transparent and progressive Democratic Party.





FredLaPolla.jpgFred LaPolla is a medical librarian who is thrilled to work managing financial filings and fundraising this year. He is an avid reader of political news and has lived in Brooklyn since 2011. In his free time, he enjoys cooking and drawing.




Director of Communications

Jessica wears a lot of hats: she is a sustainability professional, fine artist, and expert cat-petter. Born and raised in Virginia, she has called Brooklyn home for the past seven years and proudly serves as the Secretary of Community Board 2. In addition to converting fellow political organizers into hockey fans, Jessica loves cooking, gentle park strolls, and any activity centered around crafts.





Secretary and Acting Chief of Operations

MariaBarva_72.jpgMaria spends her days convincing people that radio is still the best and never minds working on a good spreadsheet. She has always been passionate about accountability in politics and has been thrilled to find a political outlet through NKD since she joined in early 2017. She’s originally from New Mexico, but has lived in Brooklyn for 11 years. As long as she is able to bring home a suitcase full of Hatch green chile every year, she plans to stay put. Her other passions include seeing live music, watching all the movies, and using up the storage on her phone with pictures of her cats.



Data Director


Mikael is a soccer analytics writer and stay-at-home dad, and he wrote a dissertation about gender and political violence in ancient Christian apocalyptic literature. Those are all things that go together. He has lived in North Brooklyn for eight years and organized in his neighborhood for #RepYourBlock while helping manage data for the campaign. He's looking forward to working with the data team to build tools that empower progressive reform politics throughout the borough.





President: Brandon West
Chief of Operations: Jesse Pierce
VP of Policy: Mariana Alexander
VP of Political Affairs: Emily Hoffman
VP of Organizing: Angela LaScala-Gruenewald
Director of Membership: Becky Steinberg
Director of Communications: Jessica Thurston
Treasurer: Fred LaPolla
Secretary: Maria Barva



President: Anusha Venkataraman (until November 2017)
Chief of Operations: Sara Shoener
VP of Policy: Brandon West
VP of Political Affairs: Matt Stern
VP of Organizing: Yaneth Lombana
Director of Membership: Jasmine Fernandez
Director of Communications: Ryan Shanley
Treasurer: Essence Franklin, Anna Scaife
Secretary: Cindy Tran



President: Anusha Venkataraman
Chief of Operations: Sara Shoener
VP of Political Affairs & Policy: Brandon West
VP of Organizing: Theo Moore
Secretary: Rodrigo Camarena
Digital Director: Ryan Shanley



President: Andrew Sloat
VP of Political Affairs & Policy: Anusha Venkataraman
VP of Organizing: Theo Moore
Secretary: Sara Shoener
Digital Director: Ryan Shanley



President: Andrew Sloat
VP of Political Affairs & Policy: Esteban Duran
VP of Organizing: Theo Moore
Treasurer: Rachel Lauter
Secretary: Lacey Tauber
Digital Director: Annie Werner


President: Alex Low
VP of Political Affairs: Esteban Duran
VP of Organizing: Theo Moore
Treasurer: Catherine Butler
Secretary: Andrew Sloat
Director of Communications: Greg Wasserstrom


President: Alex Low
VP of Political Affairs: Morgan Pehme (partial term), Chris Barron (partial term)
VP of Organizing: Theo Moore
Treasurer: Catherine Butler
Secretary: Antonio Reynoso
Director of Communications: Andrew Sloat


President: Matt Cowherd
VP of Political Affairs: Sarah Baker
VP of Organizing: Theo Moore
Treasurer: Alex Low
Corresponding Secretary: Connie Rourke
Recording Secretary: Maisha Morales


President: Matt Cowherd
Vice President: Lincoln Restler
Corresponding Secretary: Chris Henderson
Recording Secretary: Will Florentino
Treasurer: Alex Low
Parliamentarian: Sarah Baker


Co-Chair: Matt Cowherd
Co-Chair: Rachel Lauter
Treasurer: Andrew Stengel
Secretary: Laura Stein
Communications: Morgan Pehme

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