Policy and Our Platforms

New Kings Democrats strive for transparency, accountability, and inclusionary democracy at the most local level of Brooklyn politics, the Kings County Democratic Party. We focus on issues aligned with transforming local politics and support partner organizations whose missions align with our values. 

Our Policy Committee is focused on supporting the work of NKD through the development of platforms and educational resources (i.e. explainers). These tools help inform our political organizing, including endorsement of candidates, and support Brooklyn voters as they make decisions about how to engage with key races and policy issues.

Policy Areas   

Issues are identified and comprehensively researched by our Policy Committee before discussion, revision, and an approval vote by NKD membership.  For more information on the structure of this committee, see our Policy Bylaws here.

Our Policy Impact 

Over the last 13 years, New Kings Democrats has built a base with members from all over Brooklyn. We have worked to endorse candidates, support legislation and policy, and empower more people to participate in Brooklyn’s County Committee. Below is a short timeline outlining our work and legislative support over the years. 

As new research and policy analysis becomes available, NKD may revise our positions. Educational resources or explainers are updated as needed. 

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