NKD's Platform: November 2019 Charter Revisions

In the November 2019 general election, New York City voters will have the opportunity to vote on five ballot questions, each of which will contain several proposed changes to the New York City Charter. To help navigate these lengthy Charter revisions, NKD created a platform with an explanation of each of the questions to help inform voters.

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NKD guidelines for members participating on political campaigns

New Kings Democrats is committed to supporting participation, transparency, and democracy in electoral politics. We strongly encourage members to participate in campaigns, up to and including running for office themselves. Members are always free to ask each other, or members of the Executive Committee, for advice and support, as well as for the contact information of elected officials and leaders of other clubs.

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June 25 Judicial Elections: NKD’s Explainer and Voter Guide

With judicial elections around the corner, NKD thought it was important to shed some light on who’s on the ballot and how they got there. To that end, we’ve prepared two documents that we hope will help you make your decisions on June 25:

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