Donate to Elect New DLs!

District Leaders play a major role in the Brooklyn Democratic Party, and we're hoping to help many new, reform-minded candidates win these offices in June 2022. It's going to cost a lot of money — please consider donating here today to our fund to elect new District Leaders. To learn more about District Leaders, or if you or someone you know might want to run for a seat, check out our new guidebook here.

General Meeting December 9

NKD's monthly General Meeting is next Thursday, December 9, at 7:00pm. All are welcome! Please register here to join us on Zoom.

We'll talk about our plans to support many new District Leader candidates in 2022, vote on a new Climate Platform, and share about how you can get involved in any of our projects, or run for a leadership position in NKD.

Statement on BK Dems Meeting Nov 8

The 42 District Leaders of the Brooklyn Democratic Party met on November 8 and changed the party rules to again limit County Committee members participation. The Party Chair and her spouse also verbally attacked Assembly Member Maritza Davila. Read NKD's statement here, including details of how each District Leader voted on these rules changes.

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