Gender Discrimination Case Update: It's Time for an Inclusive Party


Yesterday, a judge dismissed the claims of six candidates for Brooklyn’s Democratic County Committee who had filed a lawsuit on the basis of gender discrimination. But he dismissed the case on procedural grounds only — he was sympathetic to the issues raised and put the party on notice by encouraging the plaintiffs to refile their constitutional claims if the problem is not addressed.

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Getting on the Ballot: An Introduction to Objections


On March 20, candidates across Brooklyn submitted their completed petitions for races from District Leader to State Senator  many of them first-time insurgent candidates working to break down the walls that limit everyday Brooklynites from participating in the borough’s democratic processes. 

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County Committee Chaos: Part 2

The chaos continues. In case you missed our last post (County Committee Chaos: What’s Going On?), there have been a lot of changes in the Brooklyn Democratic Party lately, from new leadership to a subverted rulemaking process - and we believe a recent rules change moves the party in the wrong direction.

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