Brooklyn's Judicial Selection Process Is Broken, Posing Real Risks to Our Democratic Values

Electing New York Supreme Court judges should be fair, competitive, and transparent. Unfortunately, the actual process is purposefully opaque and fueled by money. Reforming this undemocratic system will take work, but recent news shows just how crucial that work is.

Last week, The City reported that one of the six recently nominated Supreme Court judges, Rachel Freier, previously expressed opposition to the underlying arguments of Roe v. Wade in a 2013 op-ed in the Forward.

This situation is the unfortunate result of a process designed to consolidate power by keeping people at all levels of the decision-making process in the dark. It is also the reason we are so focused on reforming the process.

Read New Kings Democrat's full statement on the nomination of Rachel Freier for Brooklyn Supreme Court and the problems with our judicial selection process it reveals.

Then, join us in the fight to reform the Brooklyn Democratic Party by supporting reform-minded District Leaders, running for County Committee, and getting involved with New Kings Democrats.

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