What you need to know for the County Committee meeting

The final County Committee meeting of 2019 is on September 9 at 7:00 PM at the Ford Amphitheater. Whether or not you're currently on County Committee (CC), we strongly encourage everyone to attend. The more eyes on the process, the more accountable our leadership will be.

Statement: We wrote a statement on why the Party needs to convene the finance standing committee and hear out CC members who want to ask questions and engage directly with leadership. Check it out here, and please share it widely.

Strategy: We think there should be a vote on the submitted resolution and that CC members should be able to ask open questions -- and get answers in real time -- of Party leadership. We appreciate this call for questions the Party posted last week. Emily Hoffman, Courtney Adrian, and Morenike Lambert will ask questions on behalf of New Kings Democrats at the meeting, and we encourage all members to ask questions on behalf of their communities.

Resolution: NKD initiated and submitted a resolution, signed by over 75 County Committee members, to Party leadership to request that the Chair of the Executive Committee (Chair Seddio) convene the finance committee, largely in response to widespread concerns about the Party’s financial problems (and lack of transparency around them). The Party has acknowledged the resolution and we’re hoping it is featured prominently on the meeting’s agenda (Rules require a vote on it).

Huddle beforehand: Join NKD to huddle before the meeting at 6:30 on the boardwalk outside Kitchen 21. We'll touch base on our strategy and any updates and then will head inside by 6:45 to ensure the meeting starts on time.

Communicating during the meeting: During the meeting, we'll communicate via slack to share information on what's happening and provide guidance as needed. Sign up for Brooklyn CC Organizing slack here. NKD members (have you paid your dues?) can also follow along in NKD slack.

Agenda: The public notice indicated there will be a panel presentation and discussion on "Census 2020: Key Updates For A 100% Count Of Brooklyn!" A discussion on the census is important and we’re happy to see it -- we need a complete count here in Brooklyn. Chair Seddio also shared directly with us that they will include a one-hour Q&A session during the meeting, though it is unclear how the session will be structured or promoted.

Proxies: We strongly encourage all CC members to attend and participate, but if you can't make it, we encourage you to sign over your proxy – you should have received it by mail – to someone you trust with your vote, and send it back to County. If you can't make the meeting tonight, try to get your proxy in the hands of another CC member who plans to be there. Here’s a link to a printable proxy along with several spots you can drop yours off. 

Keep an eye on NKD's Twitter, Facebook and Instagram pages for continued updates and information.

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