Criminal Justice Reform

New Kings Democrats (NKD) stand for the principles of liberty, community safety, and racial and economic justice for all, including:

  • Ending mass incarceration in New York by greatly reducing the number of people in New York’s jails and prisons;
  • Community-based support and community-led services to keep people out of the criminal justice system, rehabilitated where necessary, and away from reentry;
  • An approach to public safety that is based on respect for and holistic investment in communities;
  • Policing that is transparent and accountable to the public;
  • Ending broken windows or quality-of-life policing practices;
  • Repairing the harms of discriminatory policing and mass incarceration on Brooklyn’s most impacted neighborhoods;
  • Prisons and jails that accord human rights and dignity to incarcerated New Yorkers;
  • A commitment to equal rights, including the full restoration of rights for those impacted by the criminal justice system;
  • Repairing the consequences of crime through restorative justice; and
  • Ending the mutually reinforcing cycle of poverty and criminal justice involvement.

NKD advocates for a public safety policy that adheres to the rights enshrined in the New York State Constitution, one based on due process and equal protection under the law. NKD seeks a more just and safe borough, city, and state and will work to support candidates, legislation, and policies in line with these principles.