ExCo 2019 + Two Special Thank Yous

At January’s General Meeting, members elected our 2019 Executive Committee – including a new Chief of Operations, Jessica Baker Vodoor, and VP of Organizing, K. Sage Rockermann. We’re so excited for them to join ExCo – and want to honor the incredible service of 2018 Chief of Operations Jesse Pierce and VP of Organizing Angela LaScala-Gruenewald. 

Jesse was an integral part of developing, managing, and supporting the rest of ExCo. She improved the way NKD works internally, streamlining our output as a club. Jesse engaged deeply in the #RepYourBlock campaign, helping to lead the campaign’s efforts in the 52nd Assembly District. It takes a lot of expertise, patience, and kindness to make sure that the NKD trains leave on time, and Jesse made that happen in incredible ways.

Angela led a small army of volunteers through the #RepYourBlock campaign, helping pioneer the most effective and largest effort in NKD’s history to get over 500 people onto County Committee. She organized NKDers, neighbors, and friends to petition, canvass, and GOTV for our eight endorsed candidates. Angela's ability to build organizing structures, empowering new leaders in NKD and redefining the way we as a club organize, is unparalleled.

From ExCo and the rest of NKD, we thank Jesse and Angela for their generosity, commitment, selflessness, and ingenuity that propelled this organization forward in 2018. Thank you for your service, and we can’t wait to keep working with you!

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