February 2017 NKD Meeting


We are so excited to report that an all-star new member has hooked us up with a new meeting space to accommodate our ever-increasing numbers. This meeting will be focused on scaling the growth of NKD: voting on proposed bylaws changes, electing new NKD leadership, plotting progressive change for our communities, and more!

You can review the proposed new leadership positions and their responsibilities here. We’ll be considering all feedback on this proposed structure until January 31, so please email us to let us know what you think. We’ll vote on putting those proposed changes in our bylaws at the February meeting to make it official.

Now that you’ve read through the new positions, are you interested in running for one? Use this form to nominate someone who you think would be fantastic in one of these positions… maybe even yourself!

*** UPDATE: We are happy to announce that we’ll be holding a New Member Orientation at 6:30pm just before the meeting! This is actually a great meeting for new members to attend, even though we will be doing a lot of organizational stuff, as you will get a chance to meet past and present ExCo members and hear about their vision for the year to come. ***

See you then!


February 16, 2017 at 7:00pm - 9pm
Event Space at Genius || Entrance at 92 3rd Street, Brooklyn, 11231
Thomas Schell Nathan Gould Will Stewart April Lutheran Kenzie Bryant Scott Budow Sean Kennedy Joel Tse Sean Barth Bertie Downs Tracy Anderson Fred LaPolla Rebecca An Lucinda Brickler Jonna Heldrich Joshua Starr Adam Saucy Virginie Ladisch Daniel Edelman gisselle pardo Juno Turner Kelli Kerkman Brice Gaillard matthew cueter Sara Hodges Seth Reznik George Sterling Andrew McDaniel Jim McCormick Jenniece Centrella Anusha Venkataraman Sarah Mallory Graham Bishop Adam Meyers Stu Sherman Lucile Scott Spiro Gouras Jenna Bimbi Sally Campbell Oriana Leckert Jennie Romer martha bordman Sebastian Askenazy Morgan Ames Sarah Kalemkerian Kiri Bryant Gina del Tito Rebecca Oshins

Will you come?

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