General Meeting April 13

Join us for our next General Meeting on Thursday, April 13 at 7:00pm. This will be a hybrid meeting, so you can join in-person or virtually:

At this meeting, we'll vote to elect a new VP of Political Affairs! Paige Havener and Edward Kopp are running for this position. Statements from both candidates appear below and at the meeting member will get a chance to hear from them directly and ask questions.

You must be up-to-date on club dues and have attended one other NKD meeting in the last 12 months in order to be eligible to vote.

We will also discuss organizing plans for the June Primary and other ways to get involved as we prepare for Brooklyn Can't Wait 2024 and Rep Your Block 2024. There will also be breakout groups where you can talk with other members about projects that interest you. We hope to see you there!

Candidate Statements for VP of Political Affairs

Paige Havener

I've been an active NKD member for a few years and a participant in the Political Affairs Committee. I'm a current County Committee member in AD 56 (Bed Stuy). I was a part of the lawsuit against the Brooklyn Democratic Party that removed the binary gender restriction on County Committee members. My background is in design but in the last few years I have been working on political campaigns in NYC as a Field Organizer and Field Director. I am committed to NKD's mission of reform, and I would be super excited to join ExCo as the VP of Political Affairs.

As VP of Political Affairs I would like to continue NKD's mission of reform, oversee the endorsement process for this year, and continue to build NKDs network of relationships in Brooklyn. On past campaigns I have done field work in South Brooklyn and have become more familiar with neighborhoods like Bay Ridge and Bensonhurst. I am interested in doing outreach and relationship building in parts of Brooklyn that NKD doesn't have as much involvement with like South Brooklyn. I would also like to continue supporting the County Committee reform efforts by helping to prepare for next year's County Committee and District Leader elections via recruitment, education, and making new connections in the community.

Edward Kopp

Hello friends and allies,

As a dedicated member of the New Kings Democrats, I am committed to advancing the mission of the club, the Democratic Party, and contributing to the growth and development of a healthy political community.

My personal mission statement is to become a self-actualized human being living a passionate and moderate life. To achieve this, I have established ten guiding principles, including being honest, accountable, passionate, and creative. These principles have helped me to cultivate self-discipline, humility, and forgiveness in my life, which are essential qualities for effective leadership.

My background in the military and philosophy has given me a unique perspective on issues related to labor, class, and race. As an advocate for national healthcare, I am committed to improving access to medical care for all Americans. I have also gained extensive experience in leadership and organizational skills through my work as an executive chef, where I was responsible for setting up new accounts and managing crises.

As a County Committee member, a judicial delegate at the nominating convention, Assembly District Organizer through RepYourBlock, and an attendee of the County organizing meeting, I have seen the dysfunction and dissatisfaction in the political system. I believe that my experience in community and system building, as well as my belief in “encounter politics,” where I listen to people and create allies, will make me an asset to the position of VP of Political Affairs.

Here are some reasons and achievements that qualify me to be VP of Political Affairs:

  1. Guiding principles: I have established 10 guiding principles that have been instrumental in my personal growth, including self-discipline, humility, honesty, creativity, accountability, and forgiveness.
  2. Personal mission statement: My personal mission statement is a declaration of my desire for self-actualization and a balanced life, which demonstrates my commitment to continuous self-improvement.
  3. Leadership experience: My experience in leadership and organizing workshops, conventions, and multi-day conferences for academics and professionals.
  4. Military service: I served in the US Navy for six years as a Firecontrol Technician and worked on the AEGIS shipboard anti-air weapon system. This experience demonstrates my dedication to service and my ability to work in a team.
  5. Healthcare advocacy: As a recipient of socialized medicine through the Veterans Administration, I am an advocate for national healthcare.
  6. Culinary expertise: I completed an undergraduate degree in Culinary Arts and Management at The Culinary Institute of America and have experience working as an executive chef at Wyckoff Heights Medical Center, where I provided fresh, healthy meals during the COVID-19 crisis. My culinary expertise and crisis management skills demonstrate my ability to problem-solve and adapt in difficult situations.
  7. Allyship: I practice "encounter politics," which involves listening to people who have been in the fight for far longer than me and creating allies. This demonstrates my ability to build relationships and work collaboratively towards common goals.

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