Why Is Our Local Party Spending Money to Kick Democrats Off the Ballot?

We call on the Brooklyn Democratic Party to stop wasting money on fights with grassroots Democrats when our focus should be on beating Republicans. We've issued a joint statement with other Brooklyn political clubs in response to the Party's attempts to get fellow Democrats kicked off the ballot.

The Brooklyn Democratic Party is wasting time and money fighting against candidates for the volunteer position of Judicial Delegate, without even consulting their membership or the elected District Leaders who make up their own leadership body. This comes less than a year after a disastrous lack of Party support for Democratic candidates led to the loss of multiple long-held Democratic seats in the state legislature and Republican victories around New York City that cost Democrats the House Majority in the 2022 midterms.

The Party needs to get its priorities straight.

This is yet another example of an irresponsible financial decision that puts the Party Chair’s personal preferences ahead of what’s best for Brooklyn. After last year’s disastrous midterms, the Party needs to be gearing up to support Democratic candidates in the upcoming election and mobilizing the 1.2 million Democrats living in Brooklyn – not wasting time and money on legal cases against volunteers.

Click here to read our full joint statement with Bay Ridge Democrats, Brooklyn Young Democrats, Central Brooklyn Independent Democrats, Lambda Independent Democrats, North Brooklyn Progressive Democrats, Independent Neighborhood Democrats, South Central Brooklyn United for Progress, and Southern Brooklyn Rising.

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