Welcome to 2016!

Happy New Year!

NKD is excited for a busy year. Elections are when we have the opportunity to put honest, community-first public servants into office; and this year is full of elections. Organizing isn't easy... but we're ready!

We've already started interviewing candidates, asking about their goals, discussing our policy platforms, and hearing how they plan to win. Soon they'll come introduce themselves at our meetings, and we'll decide together whether they've got what it takes to get NKD's endorsement.

You'll find a mini-calendar of this year's political dates below.

We'll see you at our next meeting!

Tues, April 19
Presidential Primary
Will the Democratic primary still be a race? Will New York get to meaningfully weigh-in for once??

Tues, June 28
Congressional Primary
Will anyone from Brooklyn's long-serving Congressional delegation be challenged by a newcomer?

Tues, Sept 13
New York State Assembly, State Senate, District Leader, and County Committee Primaries
This is where most of the NKD action is! Albany is reeling from a year of corruption convictions... will change finally arrive? What role will Brooklyn play? Will the slow change toward increased participation at the county level continue to advance?

Tues, Nov 8
General Election
Lock it in, Democrats!


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