March 2019 General Meeting

Please join us for our next general meeting!

New to NKD? We have a New Member Orientation starting at 6:30pm

General Meeting starts at 7:00pm

We could use some volunteers for the meeting - please sign up here if you can help!

March 07, 2019 at 6:30pm - 9pm
Mayday, Great Hall (176 St. Nicholas Ave.)
Molly Walsh Steve Olswang Chris Barron Georgia Schoonmaker Shobha Manaktala Matthew Chachere Adam Dweck Matthew Gjenvick Jonna Heldrich Amy Stokes Kate Nicholson Devin Balkind Gina Napolitano Victoria Rich Renfro Candace James Chestnutt David Chandler Shaheen Rushd Jessica Vodoor Louis Rosenfeld Debra Morris Chris Schillinger Ronald Colter John Perez Greg Kinlan Rebecca An Kenyetta Rose Amanda O'Brien Kristin Sage Rockermann Andy Ratto Gwen Soshon Zach Seely Janice Henderson Thomas Turnbull Kristen Tracey Ritchy Philoctete Steven Osborn Maria Barva

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