NKD Endorses City Council Member Sandy Nurse for Reelection

At our General Meeting on March 16, 2023, NKD Members voted to endorse Sandy Nurse in her race for reelection to City Council in District 37.

Not only is Sandy a progressive force within the Council, she is tirelessly fighting the important, unglamorous, and long-term battle of making city government work for her constituents and rebuilding trust in government within her district. We are proud to have endorsed and fought alongside her across several election cycles.

Sandy faces an establishment-backed challenger in the primary and a Republican challenger in the general, so it's crucial that we help her get (more than) enough signatures to get on the ballot.

There are only a few weeks left in petitioning season. Sign up here for one of our petitioning events for Sandy Nurse and AD54 Judicial Delegates, and stay tuned for other opportunities to help us get signatures.

  • Sunday, March 26 / 1 - 5 pm / Bushwick
  • Wednesday, March 29 / 6 - 8 pm / Bushwick
  • Saturday, April 1 / 1 - 5 pm / Bushwick

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