NKD Statement on Party Boss’s Departure and Upcoming Leadership Election

On Sunday, we learned that Frank Seddio, Chair of the Brooklyn Democratic Party’s Executive Committee (more often referred to as the Party Boss), is preparing to step down from his leadership role, effective this week. The Executive Committee will elect a new Chair on February 6.

We wish Chair Seddio all the best in his departure from Party leadership. We appreciate his passion for Brooklyn and his willingness to listen and collaborate even when we have not always agreed.

Our goals regarding the Brooklyn Democratic Party remain the same. We look forward to collaborating with the new Chair to modernize Party operations and provide opportunities for County Committee members to be involved in Party business. The Party should be an avenue by which we’re collectively engaging Brooklyn Democrats to participate in the political process. We also look forward to working together to make politics more transparent, particularly the process by which we elect judges.

The Party will now be left without an Executive Committee Chair (Seddio) and a County Committee Chair (Joe Bova, who stepped down a few months ago). We expect to see the Executive Committee bring the vote for the County Committee  Chair position to the full County Committee membership. Moreover, the election of a new Chair to replace Chair Seddio should be as open and transparent as possible; the Executive Committee should make public when, where, and how they will make this decision, and the vision that the new Chair has for County Committee. 

The transition in Party leadership is an exciting opportunity for the Party to double down on its commitment to transparency, accountability, and inclusionary democracy, and we look forward to working with the new Party leadership to continue to build a Party committed to these ideals. We are grateful to the current District Leaders who have pushed the Party to adopt these principles, and we are more motivated than ever to getting District Leader candidates Kristina Naplatarski (AD 50), Jesse Pierce (AD 52), and Samy Nemir Olivares (AD 53) elected on Primary Day on June 23 of this year. 

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