2023 Voter Guide: General Election

Polls open this Saturday, October 28, as early voting begins for the General Election. We’ve prepared our Voter Guide with information on all the Democratic candidates running. 

If you are feeling voter fatigue, you are certainly not alone. Here we are again, in an off-year, with all City Council seats up for grabs. But there are some important races happening across Brooklyn and showing up for Democrats is how we can make an impact locally. 

What you can expect on your ballot:

  • City Council races
  • Judicial races (depending on your district):
    • Supreme Court Justices
    • Civil Court Justices
    • Surrogate Court
  • 2 statewide ballot proposals 

While this election may seem low-stakes, we anticipate competitive races for these Brooklyn City Council seats: Districts 43, 47, and 48. Republicans have made in-roads in parts of our borough, and across New York, like we saw in Assembly races last year in South Brooklyn. Historically, when there are no federal or statewide races, turnout is low, which means your vote is crucial to ensure a Democratic victory.

Loads of judges will also appear on your ballot. Previously, in June’s primary, many were automatically advanced due to non-competitive races. Others, like the Supreme Court justices, were nominated at the judicial convention in August. While the nomination process appears democratic, when we head to the polls, we often have no choice but to elect the candidate already chosen by our party leaders. You can read more about issues with this process here and how we are working to change that.

Don’t forget to double-check your City Council district due to redistricting last year. Vote early Oct 28-Nov 5, or on election day, Nov 7. 

With appreciation,

Christina, Paige, and the NKD team



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