NKD Endorses Sandy Nurse, Génesis Aquino, & Kristina Naplatarski

New Kings Democrats is excited to announce endorsements of political candidates looking to reshape politics in Assembly Districts 50, 51, and 54:

Kristina Naplatarski is poised and qualified to challenge a failure of leadership in Assembly District 50, and is the clear choice for District Leader in North Brooklyn. As a City Council staffer and an activist in her lifelong neighborhood of Greenpoint, Kristina has demonstrated a commitment to and passion for progressive causes. As a candidate for District Leader, she has made it clear that she will bring that commitment and passion to reforming the Brooklyn Democratic Party and making it a more engaged, inclusive, and transparent body. We are excited to watch her get to work with the 50th Assembly District Committee to engage residents all over the district in local politics.

Génesis Aquino is a fearless advocate for housing reform, labor rights, lgbtq equality, and immigrant justice -- among countless other causes -- and we are proud to support her as she seeks a larger platform from which to fight for her community. We have seen her come to the brink of defeating the Democratic machine that has stood in the way of progress in Sunset Park, Red Hook, Bay Ridge, and the South Slope, and firmly believe she has what it takes to win and thrive in the Assembly on behalf of the 51st Assembly District.

Sandy Nurse has spent the past decade in Bushwick doing the work that the Assembly Member should have been doing: organizing her neighbors, creating green jobs for young people, and providing spaces like MayDay for residents to gather and build community. Her natural leadership skills and her experience navigating complicated bureaucracies will carry over easily into Albany politics. From literal houses to diverse coalitions, Sandy’s a builder, and we are excited to work with her to create a new kind of politics.

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