Prepping for the February County Committee Meeting

The first County Committee meeting of 2019 is on February 12 at 7:00 PM at the Brooklyn Expo Center. Whether or not you're currently on County Committee (CC), we strongly encourage everyone to attend. The more eyes on the process, the more accountable our leadership will be.

So what's up with this February meeting?

Strategy: We're finalizing our strategy for thoughtful participation at the meeting and how to advocate that there should be a vote on the submitted resolution and an open forum. Keep an eye out for a text with more info on the strategy as we get closer to the meeting, and we'll link to it here as well.

Huddle beforehand: NKD will huddle at 6:30 at the American Playground (next door to the Brooklyn Expo Center) before the meeting. We'll share any updates and get together as a group. We'll touch base on our strategy and any updates and then will head inside by 6:45 to ensure the meeting starts on time.

Statement: We wrote a statement on the need for New Business at County Committee meetings. Check it out here and share it!

Communication: During the meeting, we'll be communicating via slack to share information on what's happening and provide guidance as needed. Sign up for Brooklyn CC Organizing slack here.

Agenda: Party leadership plans to use the meeting to hold a Public Advocate forum and poll, discuss "issues of public policy." NKD believes any resolution submitted should be voted on at the meeting, though we are happy to have heard directly from Party leadership on February 11 that they will acquiesce and propose a rules change to include New Business at all CC meetings, in addition to allowing for an open discussion at this meeting. If leadership restates this commitment and follows through at the meeting, we will not need to force a vote on the resolution. 

NKD believes in process and avoiding backroom deals. We’ve been in touch with leaders of other political clubs across Brooklyn, and are working together to continue to think about the best way to approach the meeting. 

Resolution: CC members at large initiated and submitted a resolution to Party leadership to request that the next CC meeting include New Business. Leadership responded that it will not hold a vote on this resolution at the February meeting, something we see as a direct contradiction to the CC rules. However, see updates in the bullet point above.

Proxies: We strongly encourage all CC members to attend and participate, but if you can't make it, we encourage you to sign over your proxy – you should have received it by mail – to someone you trust with your vote, and send it back to County. If you can't make the meeting tonight, try to get your proxy in the hands of another CC member who plans to be there.


Keep an eye on NKD's Twitter, Facebook and Instagram pages for continued updates and information.

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