Voting Rights Platform

Voting lies at the core of political engagement. NKD supports a platform of expanding voting access​ in New York state and New York City, particularly to those historically disenfranchised and underrepresented in the electorate. In pursuit of that goal, NKD endorses the following key policy reforms for New York State and New York City.

Simplified Registration: Registering to vote should be easy and accessible. Therefore,

1. Registration should be automatic for all eligible voters, and made through any point of contact with the City or State, including but not limited to the DMV.

2. Registration should be available online.

3. Same day enrollment should also be available for political parties, assuming there was no prior registration in a party.

4. Voters should be allowed to correct registration errors at the poll.

Lowered Voting Age: ​NKD supports the enfranchisement of 16-year-olds. Young voters form habits that last a lifetime, and are intellectually capable of making informed voting decisions. We also support reforms to enable anyone to vote in the primary if they will be eligible by the time of the general election.

Right to Vote with Criminal Record: The right to vote should be provided regardless of criminal status, especially since laws that restrict voting access based on criminal status overwhelmingly affect people of color and the poor. NKD supports full voting rights for those convicted of a felony, those awaiting trial, and those currently serving a sentence. Re­registration should not be required.

Noncitizen Voting Enfranchisement: All verified residents should be allowed to vote. 

As new research and policy analysis becomes available, NKD may update or revise our position as needed.


Adopted September 2015.