2023: Highlights and hurdles in Brooklyn politics

2023 was a bit of a rollercoaster, but we made meaningful strides towards our goal of a more open, inclusive, and accountable Democratic party. We’re not there yet, though! We have lots more work to do.

We held the party accountable

We continued to focus on how the Brooklyn Democratic Party and city government operate with little transparency and accountability.

  • We joined over 75 organizations opposing the Mayor’s cuts to essential services. 
  • With our partner clubs, we called on the Brooklyn Democratic Party to stop wasting money on fights with grassroots Democrats when our focus should be on beating Republicans.
  • We drew attention to how none of the money raised for a party fundraiser went to supporting candidates. 
  • We followed an ongoing story where the Brooklyn District Attorney investigated reports of district leaders forging signatures on election documents and telling poll workers they had to be campaign volunteers to get hired. 

We demystified the judicial delegate process and the primary

Several important elections took place this year. Our party’s process of electing New York Supreme judges is confusing by design. While pushing for a fairer and more transparent election process, we published explainers, guides, and materials to introduce candidates to voters, explain the election process, and increase voter participation and engagement. 

We endorsed progressive candidates and turned out voters

NKD members marching at the Brooklyn Pride Parade

We worked hard to elect Sandy Nurse, Jennifer Gutiérrez, and Justin Brannan to the City Council, often providing more volunteer support than the County Party. Our members turned out to call, text, and knock on doors in these crucial elections to ensure progressive democrats continue to represent our communities.

We passed a new healthcare platform

Members voted to approve the adoption of our very first healthcare platform, which outlines our values, new requirements for candidate endorsements, and specific health policies and legislation that the club will support. The platform affirms that healthcare is a universal human right.

We organized in-person and online

NKD members marching at the Brooklyn Pride Parade

2023 marked a new era of hybrid meetings for the NKD community. We met in churches and bars, at parks, and on Zoom. We marched, celebrated, and mourned together. Our break-out groups at our General Meetings yielded fresh ideas for reaching voters and surfaced pressing policy issues to focus on.

Our fundraisers brought together elected officials and our community to outline priorities and sound the alarm on the races that need our support in the coming year. This year, we honored the Center for Community Alternatives, Make McGuiness Safe Now, and the New York Immigration Coalition for their crucial work in Brooklyn and beyond. 

Council Member Alexa Alíves speaks at our True Blue fundraiser

We partnered again with Communities United for Police Reform and voices from across the city to successfully pass the How Many Stops Act, demanding more transparency from the NYPD.  

As we look ahead to 2024, which promises to be another crucial year in the fight to reform the Brooklyn Democratic Party, we are grateful to our members and their passion for a better democratic party. Please consider becoming a member or donating to support our work. Best wishes for the New Year!



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