Let's celebrate on December 10 (& support #RepYourBlock!)

Join us to celebrate the incredible work NKD and our partners across Brooklyn have done this year. We're excited to look back on our accomplishments and get ready for an even bigger 2020 -- so let's get together and celebrate on December 10 at The Woods from 6:00 - 9:00 PM!

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NKD Endorses Sandy Nurse, Génesis Aquino, & Kristina Naplatarski

New Kings Democrats is excited to announce endorsements of political candidates looking to reshape politics in Assembly Districts 50, 51, and 54:

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Update on the Party's Standing Committees

At the September 2019 County Committee meeting, KCDC members at large successfully passed a resolution -- drafted by NKD and some of our partners across Brooklyn -- calling for the Party to convene its Finance Committee and for an audit of the Party’s finances. Last week, we learned that the Party is indeed taking steps to form this and other standing committees -- a great update, though there’s more to be done, and there are key ways by which Brooklynites can hold our leaders accountable now.

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