NKD's Updated County Committee Reform Platform

At our March General Meeting on March 7 (RSVP here!), NKD will hold a vote on our latest policy platform: an updated County Committee Reform platform. Please review it here, and bring your questions and comments to the meeting! This platform will serve as the foundation of our County Committee reform work, so it's important we get it right. 

Want to read up on all of NKD's policy positions? Take a look here.

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Prepping for the February County Committee Meeting

The first County Committee meeting of 2019 is on February 12 at 7:00 PM at the Brooklyn Expo Center. Whether or not you're currently on County Committee (CC), we strongly encourage everyone to attend. The more eyes on the process, the more accountable our leadership will be.

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ExCo 2019 + Two Special Thank Yous

At January’s General Meeting, members elected our 2019 Executive Committee – including a new Chief of Operations, Jessica Baker Vodoor, and VP of Organizing, K. Sage Rockermann. We’re so excited for them to join ExCo – and want to honor the incredible service of 2018 Chief of Operations Jesse Pierce and VP of Organizing Angela LaScala-Gruenewald. 

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