Getting on the Ballot: An Introduction to Objections


On March 20, candidates across Brooklyn submitted their completed petitions for races from District Leader to State Senator  many of them first-time insurgent candidates working to break down the walls that limit everyday Brooklynites from participating in the borough’s democratic processes. 

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County Committee Chaos: Part 2

The chaos continues. In case you missed our last post (County Committee Chaos: What’s Going On?), there have been a lot of changes in the Brooklyn Democratic Party lately, from new leadership to a subverted rulemaking process - and we believe a recent rules change moves the party in the wrong direction.

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County Committee Chaos: What’s Going On?

With all the rumors flying around this week about County Committee, we want to lay out what has happened as we understand it, what will be happening over the next few days, and what our strategy is.

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