Emergency Call to Action! Protest Tomorrow at 8AM


The Brooklyn Democratic Party leadership is making a mockery of the democratic process and disenfranchising County Committee members in the 26th State Senate District. Our clarion call for a fair and open process for nominating a candidate to replace Daniel Squadron has been ignored. This afternoon, members of the Manhattan Democratic County Committee voted overwhelmingly in favor of Paul Newell, a stalwart progressive reformer and District Leader in Lower Manhattan, putting him within a few points of the nomination. Yet Brooklyn party boss Frank Seddio intends to throw his weight behind another candidate, without allowing County Committee members within the district to vote.

The future of the Democratic Party in Brooklyn depends on its ability to democratically elect the leaders of the future - not select a successor in a backroom. We are appalled at the elected officials representing Brooklyn who ratified this handshake deal.

WE NEED YOU TOMORROW MORNING! Come out tomorrow, Monday 9/18 at 8AM, to Junior’s Restaurant (386 Flatbush Ave) to protest outside the Brooklyn Dems breakfast. Join us and elected allies in demanding that Frank Seddio allow a vote.

26th NYS Senate District Candidate Forum

Save the date! It's imperative that Brooklyn County Committee members in the 26th State Senate district get a vote in selecting the Democratic nominee to fill this seat. We're hosting a forum next Sunday to give those County Committee members--and all who think this nomination process should be inclusive and democratic--a chance to hear from the candidates. We can't allow party bosses to make these decisions behind closed doors!

Stay tuned for details, and in the meantime check our op-ed: Special Elections Deserve Democratic Deliberation, Not Backroom Deals.

New York Times: "In Brooklyn, Challenging the Party Establishment"

Great new piece in The New York Times about the founding and progress of our club.

In Brooklyn, Challenging the Party Establishment

Check it out and share with your friends and networks as we continue to “organize around the county committee, train people on how to get on the ballot, reform it, make it more inclusionary and engage a new crop of people in this work."

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