County Committee Chaos: What’s Going On?

With all the rumors flying around this week about County Committee, we want to lay out what has happened as we understand it, what will be happening over the next few days, and what our strategy is.

Here’s what’s happened so far:

  1. Afternoon of Sunday January 12 - Rumors began spreading that Frank Seddio would resign as Party Boss in the immediate future, likely to be replaced by Assembly Member/District Leader Rodneyse Bichotte.
  2. Evening of Wednesday January 15 - The Party’s District Leaders met and selected Carlo Scissura, President and CEO of the New York Building Congress (as well as a major donor to the Party) as interim County Committee Chair (this role was vacated a few months ago by District Leader Joe Bova; unlike Party Boss, County Committee members who are not District Leaders can hold the role (Scissura is not a District Leader).

Here’s how we’ve responded to these events:

  1. Evening of Sunday January 12 - NKD released a statement expressing our hope that the transition in party leadership would be a transparent and inclusive process
  2. Consistently communicated our message of transparency, accountability, and inclusionary democracy to the press.

Looking ahead:

  1. Monday January 20 at 8 PM - The District Leaders will gather at the Thomas Jefferson Democratic Club at 77 Conklin Avenue in Canarsie (Seddio’s club) to formally vote on and swear in Rodneyse Bichotte as the new Party Boss. We encourage members to attend, and to hear the future Leader Bichotte express her vision for the Party.
  2. There will be a vote to elect the County Committee Chair at the February County Committee meeting - we encourage anyone who is interested to run and all County Committee members to attend and vote. Date and location still unknown. 
  3. If you’d like to be a part of making change at the ground-floor level of the Brooklyn Democratic Party, run for County Committee! Petitioning starts February 25 —  a small number of signatures gets you on the ballot, and most seats go uncontested. Sign up today at to learn more.

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