How can I get on Brooklyn’s Democratic County Committee?


Getting on a ballot requires petitioning, or collecting a minimum number of signatures from citizens who are eligible to vote for the office in question. The next chance to petition for Kings County Democratic Committee (aka County Committee) is from June 5, 2018 until July 12, 2018. You cannot collect petition signatures before or after that window. You must use specific forms and collect signatures only from Democrats who are registered in the Election District you’re running in. The minimum requirement is to collect signatures from 5% of the registered Democrats in your Election District. As the number of voters in each Election District varies, the number of signatures required varies by each Election District, but it's usually somewhere between 30 and 60 signatures.

Closer to the start of petitioning in 2018, #RepYourBlock will calculate the number of signatures you need to collect, and give you voter lists, petitions, and any other tools you need to get started.