NKD Post-Election Emergency Meeting Round-Up


Thank you to the hundreds of Brooklynites who participated in NKD’s post-election organizing meeting on Saturday, November 19th! From those new to local political engagement to longtime activists and elected officials, Brooklyn came together as one borough to envision and grow a more progressive and inclusive Democratic Party.


Because so many folks in the room were attending their first political club meeting, the first hour focused on getting oriented to the local political landscape, progressive reform issues, and NKD's role in it all. We ran through "Local Government 101" to understand how the District Leaders, the State Senators, the Governor, and the political clubs all fit together. We talked about the strategies, approaches, and achievements of NKD since its founding in 2008. We heard from a few of the NKD members who became elected officials, and who we still work with. And we heard about the breakout sessions that we then divided ourselves into for the bulk of the meeting, to organize and strategize about making real progressive change. We broadcast this first hour via Facebook Live, and you can still watch it here!


Some great discussions happened within the breakout groups:

  • Policy Committee - discussion of Policy Committee's accomplishments so far, projects currently under consideration, strategizing for future policy reforms
  • Growing Our Movement - visualizing an ideal NKD membership that represents the diversity of Brooklyn, strategizing for outreach, recruitment, and retention
  • County Committee - review of Kings County Democratic Party structure and NKD's history of organizing for reform, visioning for a more progressive local party
  • Organizing Committee - discussion of NKD's organizing to get new progressive candidates elected, review of NKD's allies (clubs, groups, and electeds) and brainstorming of new allies
  • Building New Leadership - discussion of NKD's endorsement process and endorsement history, strategizing for identifying, developing, and electing new progressive candidates

The breakout groups presented back on their discussions, and before the meeting closed we were honored to hear from U.S. Representative Nydia Velazquez, who's been an invaluable supporter of New Kings Democrats from its start.


So what’s next?

We have a LOT of work to do! A room packed full of activated citizens proved our potential strength, but will mean little without follow-through by all of us. Here are some next steps you can take. 

Right Now.

  • Build your expertise about your local political terrain. Your commitment to building a more progressive and participatory democracy begins with knowing your local representatives and them knowing you. Learn their positions, give them a call, or better yet go visit!
  • Learn more about NKD’s current work. Read up on the policy positions already passed by our general membership, the inner workings of County Committee, and our process for recruiting and selecting local candidates for NKD endorsement.
  • Let us know how you want to get plugged in!
  • Support progressive change. We are a volunteer-run organization that relies on member dues and donations from individuals. Become a club member or just make a donation to keep our work going strong.
  • Stay connected. Be sure to stay up to date on NKD’s strategies and opportunities to get involved by joining our email list and following us on TwitterFacebook, and Instagram.

Looking Forward.

  • Come see us again
    • NKD’s next General Membership meeting will be held on Tuesday December 6th from 7PM-9PM (stay tuned for location). We’ll be building on Saturday’s knowledge-share and getting to work on some of the projects and elections that we outlined over the weekend.
    • NKD’s next Policy Committee meeting will be Thursday December 1st from 7PM-9PM (at Teddy’s Bar and Grill - 96 Berry Street in Williamsburg) to go over next steps on what was discussed in the breakout session including a criminal justice reform platform. If this will be your first time coming, you are definitely invited! Please RSVP on this form so we can make sure we can send you some background information in lead up to the meeting.
    • NKD’s annual Holiday party is just around the corner, come celebrate with us! We’ll be raising a toast or two on Thursday December 8th starting at 7PM (at Matt Torrey’s - 46 Bushwick Ave 11211) with drink specials until midnight!
  • Identify our future leaders. Start talking to your networks about who you think should run for office this year, next year, or in the future. Tell those people you think they should run, and connect them with us!

See you soon!


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