Party Fails to Make Finance Committee Open, Inclusive

On December 30, the Brooklyn Democratic Party announced that Chairman Frank Seddio appointed a new Finance Committee. New Kings Democrats (NKD) is troubled by the Party’s failure to consider members of the County Committee for membership on this Finance Committee — a committee that only exists after pressure from members who wanted more deserved oversight of the Party’s troubled finances. The Party has failed to follow a key aspect of a recently passed resolution, and has missed an opportunity to be a more inclusive and participatory body.

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NKD Endorses Samy Nemir Olivares & Julia Salazar

NKD is proud to endorse Samy Nemir Olivaries for District Leader in Assembly District 53 and Senator Julia Salazar for State Senate in District 18 -- two candidates poised to proactively fight for progressive reform that will make the Democratic Party more accountable to its constituents.

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Let's celebrate on December 10 (& support #RepYourBlock!)

Join us to celebrate the incredible work NKD and our partners across Brooklyn have done this year. We're excited to look back on our accomplishments and get ready for an even bigger 2020 -- so let's get together and celebrate on December 10 at The Woods from 6:00 - 9:00 PM!

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