General Election: Governor and Lieutenant Governor

Kathy Hochul + Antonio Delgado [Democratic & Working Families lines]

Opponents: Lee Zeldin + Alison Esposito [Republican & Conservative lines]

As this race approaches the finish line, Republican and anti-choice candidate Lee Zeldin is closing in on Governor Hochul. Don’t let this backwards-looking, Trump-supporting candidate win. While NKD endorsed Jumaane Williams and Ana Maria Archila in the primary, it’s essential that we all turn out and vote for Governor Hochul and Lieutenant Governor Delgado now. Our neighbors across the state – those at the highest risk of discrimination under a Zeldin regime – are counting on us.

Note that if you vote for Hochul on the Working Families (WFP) line, your vote will count the same but will also help the WFP maintain their ballot line and their organizing power in future elections. The WFP needs 130,000 or 2% of total votes to keep their line.

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