Council District 46

Council District 46 covers Bergen Beach, Canarsie, Flatlands, Georgetown, Gerritsen Beach, Marine Park, Mill Basin, Mill Island, and Sheepshead Bay. It is currently represented by Alan N. Maisel, who is term-limited. This is a packed race with many candidates having longstanding ties to the local politicians, the party machine, and/or NYPD and other correctional agencies.

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About the candidate: Brazela has a long-term involvement in the community: he is the Chair of Community Board 18 and president of the 69th Precinct Community Council. He’s stated his opposition to bike lanes, and has a close relationship with the NYPD. He seems committed to affordable housing, including a reform of AMI

What stands out about their platform: He hopes to continue the legacy of Council Member Maisel. 

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About the candidate: Donald is a business person with family connections to the Department of Corrections and the NYPD. Donald was previously in constituent services for State Senator Marty Golden, the problematic conservative politician who was ousted by Andrew Gounardes after decades in office.

What stands out about his platform: He has suggested increasing a visible police presence in underserved areas to decrease gun violence.

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About the candidate: Zuri is an educator who demonstrates an understanding of the structures and current campaigns for reform. She has voiced support for transit and safer streets for pedestrians & cyclists. She has a detailed platform for universal healthcare, affordable housing, criminal justice reform, climate justice, and more.To date, she has raised just over $1,000.

What stands out about their platform: Zuri’s platform is progressive and notably thorough.

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About the candidate: Mercedes is a community activist, single mother of four, registered nurse, business consultant, and youth and teen counselor. Her platform includes a desire to redirect funds from the NYPD to fund mental health and education. It also mentions housing, climate justice, and immigrant justice.

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About the candidate: Judy’s website lists a long history of public service as a (now retired) detective with the NYPD, on the education committee of Community Board 18, and through charitable work. She is a member of the Thomas Jefferson Democratic Club, which is a club closely associated with the Party machine.

What stands out about their platform: She appears to be most focused on families and the concerns of homeowners.

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About the candidate: Shirley is an attorney and has worked for many political figures, including former Party Boss Frank Seddio and President Joe Biden, and at the NY Supreme Court and the Governor’s office. Her housing platform focuses on protecting homeowners, but makes no mention of improving public housing or housing affordability. She plans to fight for more MTA funding to improve bus service.

What stands out about their platform: Her platform is much narrower than those of other candidates in this district.

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About the candidate: Stanley is an Advocate Intervene Mentor with the NYC Department of Probation. He lists many ambitious changes on his platform, including universal basic income, universal healthcare, tuition-free colleges, ending cash bail, and affordable housing reforms.  

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About the candidate: Tiffany describes herself as a public servant and activist, having worked in both the Kings County District Attorney’s office and the Manhattan DA’s office. Her platform includes bringing affordable housing to the neighborhood, increasing funding for city hospitals, and improving public transit. The endorsements Tiffany has listed on her website are all from religious figures.

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About the candidate: Dimple is a small business owner, the former President of the District 22 Community Education Council, and a member of several local organizations. She has a detailed platform that includes quality healthcare being available to all residents, additional funding for CUNY, increasing funding for repairs to NYCHA, expanding Citibike and Ferry to the district, and investing in green infrastructure. She calls for increased transparency into decisions that impact the neighborhood, and ending machine politics. 

What stands out about her platform: Her platform is detailed and includes specific plans, including some fairly progressive goals.

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Another candidate has filed but has limited information about their campaign available online and may no longer be in the race, Nicholas Sterlacci.

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